Instructions for the Guardian Spear (Free Project)



If you have not done so, click on the icon below to download the FREE Guardian spear files. The ZIP file include the following: (1) PDF of the Guardian Spear project and (2) AI and EPS format of the cutout pieces. The AI or EPS files are suitable for laser cutting software such as Lasercut. You will need to subscribe to the Crafteeo website in order to access the video instructions. This project is recommended for ages 6+.



Tools and Materials

Next time you finish a box of cereal save the box so you can turn it into the Guardian Spear! Ideally you can get a family-sized cereal box or a box that can yield 2 sheets of 8.5″ X 14″ (30.5 cm X 45.7 cm) thick cardboard. For the shaft, get a 3/4″ (1.9 cm) diameter dowel rod in the your preferred length. The length of the dowel rods depends on what you want to achieve and the height and age of the intended user. All other materials, such as the Tacky Glue, tape, paint, etc. are available at your local art and craft store or large retailer.

Tools and Materials for the Guardian Spear Build


Materials for the Guardian Spear Build


Materials for the Guardian Spear Build


Guardian Spear

The patterns for the cutout pieces are located on the first two pages in the PDF file. It is labeled sheets A and B. You need to print out sheets A and B on legal-size (8.5″ X 14″) paper. If you have access to a laser cutter, you can use the EPS or AI files to create the laser files, however, you will need to work out the laser cutter settings. These two files were laid out on 12″ X 18″ (30.5 cm X 45.7 cm) sheets of chipboard.

Cutout Pieces for the Guardian Spear



You can use any number coloring materials, acrylic paint, spray paint, markers, etc., to finish your spear. After you finish painting, I recommend you let the paint and glue dry overnight before you start using your spear. If you paint with water-based acrylic, such as craft paint, I recommend you coat the painted spear with decoupage glue like Mod Podge.

Completed Guardian Spear