Instructions for the Pulsar Helmet


Number of Pieces: 65 pieces + 2 plastic pieces

Estimate Build Time: 4 to 6 Hours

Instruction Videos:

  • 14 Steps (13 Required Steps and 1 Optional Step)
  • Total Run Time = 1 hour 31 minutes 22 seconds

Special Note:

  • A minimum 8 hour drying time if you undertake the optional edge sealing step.
  • Optional Pulsar Electronics Kit integrates with the helmet to turn this project into a fun way to learn how to program microcontrollers!

Content of Kit

Make sure you have the items shown in the photos below before you proceed with your sword build. Please email us if you are missing any items. Paint will be included if you purchased the Crafteeo Metallic Paint Kit.


PH-KML Sheet01


PH-KML Sheet02


PH-KML Sheet03


PH-KML Sheet04


PH-KML Sheet05


PH-KML Plastic


Pulsar Electronics Kit (Optional)

Tools and Materials

All tools and materials required for this build should be available at your local art and craft store or large retailer. Although you can substitute Tacky Glue with regular white glue, it is recommended that you use the Tacky Glue for this project since the thicker glue will makes the build significantly faster and Tacky Glue dries much quicker. It is always a good idea to get some scrap newspaper or cardboard sheets to help keep your works area clean during the gluing and painting steps.

To decorate your helmet, we recommend you use water-based acrylic paint for the depth of colors and easy clean-up. However since the helmet is made from cardboard almost any color media, crayons, markers, etc., will work. If you use spray paint, be sure to completely MASK THE ELECTRONICS area before painting, otherwise you risk damaging the electronics and render it unusable.

Tip #1: Get disposable plastic or paper cups to hold your paint.

Tools and Materials for the Pulsar Helmet Build


Paint Kit and Disposable Cups


Pulsar Helmet Build

There are 14 main steps to this build with 55 subtasks. If this is your first Crafteeo project or the first time doing this project, we recommend that your view the video instructions twice: once to get a feel for what you will be doing and the second time when you actually build. It is good practice to do a dry fit prior to gluing individual pieces together. This will help you anticipate issues and identify critical alignment features. Take your time and enjoy the build process!

Pulsar Helmet


Tip #2: Keep several damp, NOT dripping wet, paper towels nearby to wipe off excess glue or paint. This will help you maintain a clean build and clean work area.


If you purchase the paint kit, the helmet comes in two different color schemes: (1) Gunmetal Metallic with Gold and (2) Sequin Black with Silver. If you want to create your own color scheme, you can use any number of coloring media, e.g. acrylic paint, spray paint, or markers, although, we recommend craft paint. It is inexpensive, water-based for easy clean up and it paints onto the paper very smoothly. After you finish painting, I recommend you let the paint and glue dry overnight before you start using your shield.

Color Guide For the Pulsar Helmet