Instructions for the Southern Guardian Helmet Patterns


Cutout Pieces

Before you start building the helmet, you will need roughly cut out the patterns, paste them onto corrugated cardboard, then cut out each work piece. With each cutout pieces you will then either curl or fold them. If this is your first time using a hot glue gun, please checkout the various videos and how-to guides on the Internet before you start. Note that all videos will open in a new window.

Download this handy checklist to help you gather all the required equipment and materials for this build.

Equipment and Materials for the Preparation Step


Tips on Using Hot Glue Gun   (1:14)

Step 1: Cut Out the Work Pieces   (1:57)

Step 2: Curling Cutout Pieces   (2:32)

Step 3: Folding Cutout Pieces   (1:36)


If this is your first helmet build, watch the videos in their entirety prior to attempting each step then watch the video again and follow the instructions on the videos. Test fit each work pieces before actually applying the hot glue. Make sure that the pattern is securely glued to the cardboard. You may need to glue down patterns again. Don’t rush and wait for the hot glue to harden before moving on to the next step.

Equipment and Materials for the Build Step


Step 4: Assembling Cutouts 1, 2, 3 and 4   (1:29)

Step 5: Bond Cutouts 5 and 6 to the Helmet   (0:38)

Step 6: Bond Cutouts 7, 8, and 9 to the Helmet   (0:41)

Step 7: Bond Cutouts 10 to 14 and 19 to the Helmet   (1:21)

Step 8: Bond Cutouts 15 to 18 and 20 to the Helmet   (1:35)

Step 9: Bond Cutouts 35 and 36 to the Helmet   (0:32)

Step 10: Bond Cutouts 21 to 24 and 26 to the Helmet   (1:45)

Step 11: Put Together Brow Assemblies and Bond to the Helmet   (1:43)

Step 12: Bond Cutouts 33 and 34 to the Helmet   (1:06)

Step 13: (Optional) Pre-paint the Helmet   (1:01)

If you want to add in the light up spark gem to the helmet, please skip to step 20 in the “Build With LED Assembly” section for instructions on attaching the LED Light and Switch Assembly to the helmet. If you don’t want the light up spark gem, continue to step 14.

Step 14: Glue Cutout 38 to the Helmet   (0:44)

Step 15: Glue the Spark Gem to the Helmet   (1:09)

Step 16: Edge Sealing   (0:46)

Step 17: Assemble the Cap and Bond to the Helmet   (2:53)

Step 18: Bond Cutouts 57 and 58 to the Helmet   (1:09)

Step 19: Final Assembly   (1:26)

Build With LED Assembly

Please refer to the booklet for the schematics of the LED Light and Switch assembly. You will need to know how to solder simple electronics. If this is your first time soldering, consider purchasing at least two sets of the electronic components in case you make an error. Please use frosted HDPE sheets for the spark gems otherwise the light will not diffuse properly.

LED Light and Switch Assembly


Step 20: Cutting Out the Felt Pieces   (0:28)

Step 21: Cutting Out the Plastic Pieces   (0:51)

Step 22: Folding Plastic Pieces   (0:57)

Step 23: Assemble the LED Light and Switch Assembly   (2:05)

Step 24: Glue the LED Light and Switch Assembly to Helmet   (1:57)

Go back to the “Build” section and continue with step 16.


For best results, please use water-based acrylic paint to decorate your helmets. You can follow our suggestions on the color scheme but there is an infinite number of ways to paint the helmets. No matter how you decide to paint the helmets, please share photos of your helmet on the Crafteeo FaceBook page. We love to seeing your creation!

Paint Brush and Paint