Instructions for the Guardian Shield Patterns


Equipment and Materials

All materials needed for this build are available from your local art and craft store, fabric/sewing store or large retailer. There are numerous online retailers where you could purchase all the materials and, as a bonus, you can use the shipping boxes as the cardboard for this build!

For the cardboard, I had a lot of luck using medium or large size shipping boxes. These cardboard boxes tend to be around 1/8″ (3mm) thick and has a good balance between thickness and formability. I would NOT recommend using cardboard used to package large appliances and flat screen TVs as these tend to be too thick and may be difficult to cut by hand. For this build you will need about 650 sq. inches (4,200 sq. cm) of clean flat cardboard surface or roughly 4 sheets of 11″ X 17″ or A3 (279mm X 432mm) size cardboard.

Download this handy checklist to help you gather all the required equipment and materials for this build.

Equipment for the Guardian Shield Build


Materials for the Guardian Shield Build


For this build you will need three (3) 8.5″ X 14″ (21.6 cm X 35.6 cm) card stock sheets. You can make your own card stock sheets from poster board. In the U.S., standard poster board is 22″ X 28″ which means you will need one (1) sheet of poster boards to yield the three (3) required 8.5″ X 14″ sheets. Sorry international customers I don’t know what is the standard size poster board available in your area but you will need to make three (3) 21.6 cm X 35.6 cm or, rounding up, 22 cm X 36 cm sheets. You will also need one (1) 11″ X 17″ or A3 size card stock or poster board sheet to make Cutout 13.


Create Cutout Pieces

For U.S. customers, the patterns are located on pages 6 to 17 in the booklet. For International customers, the patterns are located on pages 24 to 36. For patterns on pages 6 to 17 print out on 8.5″ X 14″ or legal size printer paper. International customers can print out the patterns on pages 24 to 36 on A4 size printer paper. Select a Guardian Coat of Arms design, Northern or Southern Guardian, and print these patterns directly onto 8.5″ X 14″ (21.6 cm X 35.6 cm) card stock. The Northern Guardian coat of arms pieces are located on pages 19, 22, and 23. The Southern Guardian coat of arms pieces are located on pages 19 to 21. Precut 110-lbs 8.5″ X 14″ (21.6 cm X 35.6 cm) card stock sheets are available at various office supply, art supply, and online retailers. You can also make your own sheets from poster board. For all patterns printed out on printer paper, be sure to roughly cut out the patterns then paste it onto cardboard. The exception is pattern 13a, 13b, and 13c.

When you print out the patterns, make sure you select the “Scale: 100%” option. DO NOT select the “Scale to Fit” option otherwise the pieces will not fit properly. Check the scaling by measuring the scaling square. For each page of the pattern is should measure 1″ on the horizontal and 1″ on the vertical.

After completing this section you should have 45 total pieces for the Guardian Shield build: 28 pieces made from cardboard and 17 pieces made from card stock.

Cardboard Pieces (1 of 2)

cardboard-pieces 1

Cardboard Pieces (1 of 2)

card-stock-pieces 2

Card stock Pieces


Northern Guardian Pieces


Southern Guardian Pieces


Shield Build

The shield build is currently the simplest and quickest of the Crafteeo projects. It can be completed by using Tacky Glue® exclusively. Simply replace hot glue with Tack Glue®, however the tradeoff is a longer build time because you have to wait several minutes for the glue to dry. Like the sword build, please let the glue dry at least overnight prior to use otherwise you run the risk of damaging the shield. Additionally, coating the shield in water-based acrylic sealer like the Mod Podge® Gloss will improve the durability and give it a nice shine. Note that it is normal for the shield to warp towards the painted side of the shield. One way to alleviate this warping is to paint the backside but this is not necessary unless the warping bothers you.

Tip #1: Make sure you let the shield dry overnight prior to use.

Tip #2: Coating the shield in water-based acrylic sealer improves durability and gives the shield a nice shine!

Tip #3: Spread the Tacky Glue® out even before securing cutout piece 13 to the shield otherwise you may have large “bubbles” after painting.

Front of the Shield


Back of the Shield


Step 5: Tape Together Shield Pieces   (2:16)

Step 6: Glue Together the Shield   (3:02)

Step 7: Assemble the Handle   (2:01)

Step 8: Glue on Handle and Strap to the Shield   (3:26)

Step 9: Paint Coat of Arms Pieces and Shield Face   (1:49)

Step 10: Glue on the Guardian Coat of Arms Pieces   (1:38)

Paint and Decorative Touches

Time to personalize and inject some personality into your shield! Use the table below to help get you started. It outlines the color schemes used for the Guardian Squadrons and some new Guardians colors. If you like a list of the brand and specific name of colors we recommend, please email us. We highly recommend that, after you finish painting and decorating the shield, you coat it with water-based acrylic sealer, like Mod Podge®. The coating will deepen the colors and increase durability. The Mod Podge® Gloss works well on the shield. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly apply the coating.


Color and Decoration Guide
ID Crimson Lion Pathfinder Hammer Fist Wave Rider Pink Guardian Green Guardian
A Gold or Silver Gold or Silver Gold or Silver Gold or Silver Pearl White Gold or Silver
B Flat Red Flat Umber Flat Black Flat Blue Flat Pink Flat Green
C Northern Guardian Northern Guardian Southern Guardian Southern Guardian Any Any
D Gold or Silver (Lighter) Gold or Silver (Lighter) Gold or Silver (Lighter) Gold or Silver (Lighter) Gold (Lighter) Gold or Silver (Lighter)
E Gold or Silver (Darker) Gold or Silver (Darker) Gold or Silver (Darker) Gold or Silver (Darker) Gold (Deeper) Gold or Silver (Darker)
F Mod Podge® Gloss
(1 Coat)
Mod Podge® Gloss
(1 Coat)
Mod Podge® Gloss
(1 Coat)
Mod Podge® Gloss
(1 Coat)
Mod Podge® Gloss
(1 Coat)
Mod Podge® Gloss
(1 Coat)