Instructions for the Boxeeo and Valkyreeo Helmets


How do I get this project?

Good news…it’s a FREE project! The best part is that you can share the PDF with your friends and family. In order to start your Boxeeo Helmet project you will need to complete 2-steps.

  1. Download the Boxeeo Helmet PDF.
  2. Register to the Crafteeo website.

Step 1

Download the Boxeeo Helmet PDF file.


Step 2

Register as a user on our website. This allows you access to instructions videos for ALL free projects.


Tools and Materials

All tools and materials required for this build should be available at your local art and craft store or large discount retailer.


Tools and Materials for the Boxeeo and Valkyreeo Build

Boxeeo Helmet

There are six main steps to this build with 17 subtasks. If this is your first Crafteeo project or the first time doing this project, we recommend that your view the video of the assembly step once through before attempting that step. It is good practice to do a dry fit prior to gluing individual pieces to the assembly. This will help you anticipate issues and identify critical alignment features. Take your time and enjoy the build process.


Step 1: Create the Cutout Pieces   (3:07)

Step 2: Assemble the Head Strap   (1:45)

Step 3: Assemble the Base Boxeeo Helmet   (3:01)

Are you building the Valkyreeo Helmet? If YES skip to step 10 otherwise continue onto step 4.

Step 4: Glue the Eyebrow Pieces to the Helmet   (1:07)

Valkyreeo Helmet

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Step 10: Assemble the Face Plate   (0:49)

Step 11: Assemble the Valkyreeo Wings   (1:25)

Step 12: Pre-paint the Helmet and Wings   (1:35)

Step 13: Complete the Valkyreeo Helmet   (1:21


You can use any number of coloring media, e.g. acrylic paint, spray paint, or markers, to finish your helmet. That is one of the big advantage of building with cardboard! We do recommend using simple craft paint. It is inexpensive, water-based for easy clean up and it paints onto the cardboard very smoothly. Below are some ideas on how to paint your helmets. We provide you a blank canvas, now unleash your creativity!


My Son’s Royal Guardian Helmet


Painted Valkyreeo Helmet