Southern Guardian Helmet Build

Northern Guardian Helmet Build

Guardian Cadet Sword

Guardian Shield

The 3-Step Build Process

There are three major steps to the build process: (1) Preparation: Punch out or cut out all the pieces then curl or fold them, (2) Build: assemble the cutout pieces into a helmet, sword or shield, and (3) Paint: decorate your helmet, sword or shield. If this your first time building these projects, we suggest watching all the videos prior to attempting each step.

Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: Build

Step 3: Paint

It is a lot of fun sharing an afternoon with your kids on unique projects such as the Guardian Helmets, Cadet Sword or Guardian Shield. Young kids love to help mom and dad build these projects, especially when it comes time to decorate and paint. Depending on the child’s temperament, adjust the level of involvement you want for them. Older kids may be able to complete these projects on their own. Of course they may need your help every so often. For safety always supervise children around hot glue guns, scissors, knives, or any else that can cause them harm. Every kid is different and you know them best. Of course, you can always build these projects in secret and surprise your kids with the finished product. The expression on their faces will be something to treasure. Add to the fun and learn about the Guardians heroic adventures on the story page. Take your time and enjoy yourselves!


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Northern Guardian Helmet Pattern

Northern Guardian Helmet Kit

Southern Guardian Helmet Pattern

Southern Guardian Helmet Kit

Pulsar Helmet Pattern

Pulsar Helmet Kit


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Pauldron (Style 1) Pattern

Pauldron (Style 1) Kit

Breastplate (Style 1) Pattern

Breastplate (Style 1) Kit


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Guardian Cadet Sword Pattern

24″ Longsword Pattern

24″ Longsword Kit

32″ Longsword Kit

11″ Short Sword Kit


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11″ Guardian Dagger Kit


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Guardian Shield Pattern

22″ Round Shield Pattern

22″ Round Shield Kit

Free Projects

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