Leotard, Arming Points and Rough Layout

Look what came today! The kid-sized leotard I ordered from Amazon. I immediately had my son try it on for fit. I had to guess whether to get the “Kid-Small” or “Kid-Medium” size. I went with Kid-Small” and, luckily, it seem to fit fairly well, although I sit the sleeves are a bit longer. While he is wearing the leotard, I mapped out the placement of each arming or attachment points. Then I planned out where each piece will fit on my son’s body and made relevant measurements. I am sure that as I design and build, adjustments will need to be made, but all this planning gives me a good starting point.

Arming Points for the Plate Pieces

For the arming points I will use a mix of Velcro and strings. Because the leotard is very tight, I need attachment options that allow flexing. The reason is because your muscles changes shape as you move and breath, so “stiff” attachments like Velcro, if it is done incorrectly, can pop off. The strings are actually the best for attachment to the leotard because it flexes., but it will make it basically impossible for the wearer to take the armor on and off by themselves. I will most likely go with a mixed of string and Velcro or all string.
Armor Pieces

Roughing out the Armor Pieces

Based on observations outlined in my previous post (Link), I roughed out how each armor pieces will fit onto my son’s body. One thing to note, the breastplate should NOT go past the belly button. I found that this is a good rough estimate where the waist is located. What I see most people make mistakes when making armor is that they make it too long which can make it very uncomfortable to bend your body. I also plan to have the abdomen armor slide underneath the breastplate by about 1 inch. The pieces for both the lower arms and lower legs will have relief areas cut out to allow a wider range of motion for the wearer. In general i plan to make each piece to be roughly 1/4” to 1/2” larger than my son’s measurements. I believe this will reduce the likelihood of the pieces to pinch which improve the wearability of the armor.

Next step, design and fabricating the breastplate and abdomen armor.

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