Are you looking for a fun and exciting project to share with your kids? Our Guardian Helmets, Sword and Shields are fun to build and great to play with.

You know we love using cardboard and this is just brilliant. So much better than the lame plastic helmets you can find in stores AND this one was handmade!

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This was one of the more enjoyable craft kits we’ve had in a while. The girls enjoyed watching it come together, helping to roll the cardboard pieces, painting it after and even gluing some of the bigger pieces on themselves.

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Build an adventure together

  • For ages 4+
  • A great way to occupy your child’s mind!
  • Choose from two distinctive designs

Easy to follow video instructions

Let us guide you through the process of transforming plain cardboard into playable works of art.


Buy the Kit or PDF Pattern


  • Made in the USA
  • FREE shipping when you buy 2 or more kits
  • $24.99

PDF Patterns

  • Download now!
  • Starting from $4.99

Build something that lasts – your child’s imagination.

Part toy, part arts and crafts project, part costume, Guardian Helmets are a terrific way to engage your kid’s creativity and imagination. Available as patterns in PDF format or kits ready for assembly straight out of the box, you and your kids will have fun building these well designed helmets. The Spark Gem in the center add an extra “Wow!” factor to delight your kids. The gem glows when they put on the helmet and shuts off when they remove the helmet. Watch the easy-to-follow video instructions on our website to build the helmet. Imagine the fun your kids will have fun building their own toys instead of watching TV or playing videogames.


Unleash your child’s inner hero

Kit or pattern, which one is right for you?

The kits will save you significant amount of time and effort by providing everything you need for the build. The patterns provide the plans to make all components including the Spark Gem electronics, but you have to make them yourself. Either approach will yield great results.

Indicates “Included” Patterns Kits
Pre-cut Cardboard Pieces
Pre-assembled Spark Gem Electronics
Metallic Paint
Time to Assemble 6 to 9 hrs 3 to 5 hrs
No. of Helmets You Can Build Unlimited One per Kit

Enter a world where creativity rules

As I unplug my glue gun after an intense helmet design session, I started to wonder what is the story behind these helmets I just created. Why do they exist, who wore these helmets, and what heroic deeds were they known for? To answer those questions I felt compelled to create the world of the Guardians and populated it with fantastical beasts, evil villains and mighty heroes. You might be wondering just who are the Guardians? For 200 years they were the vanguards of the coastal province of Aeragos. They braved the perilous storms to rescue sailors from sinking ships and battle pirates to ensure safe passage for the merchants sailing near the coast. Check out our Story section to learn about the Guardians and stop by our Blog from time to time as we add more content to expand the world of the Aeragos Guardians.


Give a gift of creativity and wonderment to your kids today!

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